We Invite You to Know Our history

since 1970, Salinas bet on Cooperativism as the effective and democratic way to confront poverty and marginalization, with the support of foreign volunteers and the Salesian Mission and especially the impetus given by the church in the person of Msgr. Cándido Rada.

Little by little, it went from a town without an organizational culture and producer of salt, to an organized and agro-industrial town, becoming a benchmark for the province and the country. The result has been the maintenance of its population, avoiding migration to urban centers, as well as a substantial improvement in the living conditions of its inhabitants.

Today, Salinas and its communities are proof that comprehensive rural development with equity and sustainability is possible in Ecuador. That is why the Salinero process is considered a model experience within the Social and Solidarity Economy that is currently being promoted from various sectors.

This portal exhibits the companies, products and tourist attractions of Salinas de Guaranda, among other things. We invite you to discover the charms of this land and its people.


Constitution of the Gruppo Salinas Corporation

The Corporation is constituted with the participation of 6 partners in its beginnings.


Tribute to Father Antonio

Fair tribute was paid to Father Antonio for celebrating 50 years of Priesthood, for three days different activities were carried out.


The VIII Festival of Cheese and Andean Culture is organized

The IX version of the Festival was assumed by an inter-institutional committee with various contributions from the Provincial, municipal and parish GADs, MIPRO and the partner organizations of the Corporation

2017 and 2018

Points of sale are opened in Guayaquil and Puyo

Several contracts were signed to create new points to expand the coverage area of our products.

Gruppo Salinas Corporation and its Members

The GRUPPO SALINAS (legally approved on November 26, 2006) constitutes a corporate instance that represents the common and specific interests of the Salinera population, and of the different member institutions; It is the call to articulate processes and support local initiatives to strengthen the community work process.

It is a Technical Organism, capable of taking the parish and regional leadership jointly with the local governments in the aspects of gender equity, citizen participation, care and protection of the environment, generational balance, production and marketing. All this will be achieved with the intervention of public and private, trained and specialized actors who will share their knowledge with the local team and the participating communities – organizations, generating local capacities in the short and medium term, to continue with the task undertaken.

The “Salinas Group” intends to assume this task in a responsible, consensual and technical manner so that Salinas has a defined horizon and a promising future for the new generations, worthy of being imitated by other populations.

The Gruppo Salinas, as a corporate entity, is made up of six members who, in turn, are salt organizations dedicated to social and productive activities. The members of Gruppo Salinas are:

  • SAVINGS AND CREDIT COOPERATIVE SALINAS LTDA (COACSAL), Dedicated to parish microfinance, is the oldest of the organizations and the starting point for the productive activity of dairy transformation. COACSAL has about 2,000 members and has extended its service with a window in the San Luis de Pambil parish.
  • ASSOCIATION “SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF ARTISANS TEXAL SALINAS” (TEXAL),Organization that brings together artisan women who work with their hands garments made of natural wool (sheep, alpaca, cotton) that are produced by the Hilandería Salinas. TEXAL has nn affiliated women who receive other services such as administrative and craft training, micro-financing, and meeting and reflection spaces.
  • FOUNDATION OF PEASANT ORGANIZATIONS OF SALINAS (FUNORSAL), It is a second degree organization that is in charge of the organization, technical assistance and accompaniment of the base communities of the parish. It has productive companies that help finance its organizational and social activities.
  • SALINAS YOUTH GROUP FOUNDATION, Entity created with the purpose of advising and promoting the creation of youth groups and activities in the parish. It is the organism that manages the tourist activities of Salinas for which it maintains a hotel, tourist office and operator. He also runs the mushroom drying factory and a forest farm.
  • SALINAS SALESIAN FAMILY FOUNDATION (FFSS), Its main actions focus on pastoral care and care for the education and health of children and youth in the parish. It manages and maintains the male and female youth homes with the support of productive companies such as the chocolate factory and the essential oil factory, among others that are in the experimental phase.
  • COOPERATIVE OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION "EL SALINERITO", It is the cooperative organization that manages the El Salinerito dairy factory and several farms for milk production and forestry. About 150 families are members of PRODUCOOP, the first and most successful rural agro-industrial company.

Organizations Group Member

Our work is sustained thanks to the joint work we do with each of the companies that signed the articles of incorporation and whose delegates make up the Corporation's Board of Directors.

Thus, we have the commitment and contribution of each of these institutions and their delegates on the Board of Directors, in which decisions are made about what happens in each of the projects we undertake. The following are the members of our group:

The principles of the Popular and Solidarity Economy promote groups that allow the production, distribution or consumption of goods with a dual purpose: to cover needs and generate income.

Solidarity Economy one of our keys

Giving added value to local raw materials is one of our keys, the transformation of the product in each community, the commercialization under the same Brand, the payment to producers and suppliers through the local savings and credit cooperative, the points of sale own in the big cities, have made it possible to build a solid economic production circuit based on solidarity and fair trade.

Sustainable Development Through Self-Management

It is evident that implementing new alternatives based on entrepreneurship constitute a fundamental pillar to obtain a fairer economy in vulnerable sectors...


The strengthening of community work unites the members of the community.


It makes it possible to establish strong community ties and thus promote a fair economy for vulnerable sectors.


By representing common interests of the population and establishing guidelines based on common policies.


For being part of something bigger than oneself and causing positive changes in the community.