Committed to Our Community

Our success is based on social responsibility, which goes beyond a single project or initiative: it is about giving back to society through sustainable development programs that aim to improve the quality of life of those who need it most.

history of the Organization

The Salinas Salesian Family Foundation was born from the idea of supporting the pastoral work carried out for more than 50 years by Fr. Antonio Polo as representative of the Salesian Mission in Salinas. "San Francisco Javier" north of Bolívar province and of the Salesian Society in Ecuador.

The objective of the Foundation is aimed at providing social and pastoral services to the vulnerable population of Salinas and its communities, through the creation of various productive activities to generate employment, including tourism and others focused on improving the educational quality, having as main reference the preventive system.

Although the Salesian-style work has completed more than half a century in Salinas, it was only with the contribution of former Ecuadorian volunteers that the institutionalization of the service to the population began. In 1992 at the home of Luis González, were the beginnings of the operational office of the Salesian Mission. The administration of the bakery, chocolate, jam and nougat factory was formally born there and several projects were carried out, such as the construction of chapels.

In 1995, invited by Fr. Antonio, the Animator Nucleus of the Salesian Mission, later called Salesian Family; It is made up of ex-volunteers and salt workers close to pastoral activity. Meetings are held in the home of each of the members, the management of the Male Home with talks and motivational meetings. With the help of friends, an extension to the parish house is built for the implementation of the Mission's project office and in July 1997, as a result of the execution of the project with the Canadian Development Fund, attention to users begins in his brand new building.

After several consultations and deliberations, the legalization of the legal personality of the Salesian Family is oriented towards the legal figure of Foundation, due to its operational and legal characteristics. The statutes are presented in the year 2000 to the then Ministry of Social Welfare (MBS) and recognition is achieved on February 1, 2002 with Ministerial Agreement No. 0486, being Mr. Carlos Méndez its first Director.

A specific strength of Salinas in all these years is the construction of a wide range of links: academic (colleges and universities), socio-political (city halls, provincial councils, etc.), organizational (foundations, peasant organizations, etc.), commercial ( consortia), tourism, etc.

The SALINAS YUYAY memory center collects historical, ancestral and recent material to document the community development process and promote its dissemination. The Foundation favors internships, academic weeks and volunteering from the South to the South.

A community productive

The Fundación Familia Salesiana Salinas has several productive activities for the self-financing of its social work, such as the confectionery factory (production of cocoa paste, peanut and macadamia nougat, mortiño jam, chocolates in different presentations and flavors), the factory of Essential Oils (infusions, ointments, essential oils from different plants, shampoo, among others); experimental workshop on processed foods (soybeans and their derivatives, native fruit jams, candies, noodles, cookies, delicacies, etc.).

know our Main office

The administrative offices of the Fundación Familia Salesiana Salinas are located in the parish of Salinas, in the Guaranda canton of the Province of Bolívar.

The address is on Calle al Calvario s/n and Samilagua.

Products of our Social Enterprises

Part of the contribution of the Fundación Familia Salesiana Salinas is the social enterprises: Confites el Salinerito, Essential Oils and Alisalinas. Each one of them represents an opportunity for growth due to the opportunities it offers to the members of the community that are part of them.

Sweets El Salinerito

Cocoa-based products such as chocolate bars; dragees of almonds, raisins, uvilla and coffee; chocolates and nougats.

Essential oils

Essential oils of pine, cypress, eucalyptus, lemon verbena, palo santo, etc. In combination of several aromatic and medicinal plants.


Products made from soy by-products, soy milk delicacy, cookies, candied soy and jams with native fruits.

Creating Positive Impact Social Projects

The Gruppo Salinas, through the Salinas Salesian Family Foundation, carries out social projects in different areas. The main idea is to cover different areas related to the needs of the communities of Salinas de Guaranda.

Farming Projects

Technical advisory projects are carried out to improve the quality of crops that are marketed in the area.

Livestock Projects

Donation of different types of cattle to genetically improve the existing cattle and with this the existing milk production.

Building Projects

Technical support in the construction of greenhouses, cheese factories, tourist and communal houses to improve the quality of life of community members.

Community work

I work with volunteers in evangelization projects, leadership training, welfare of older adults, physical and mental health.