In the midst of so many interested messages, we want to be a message of solidarity. In the midst of so many slogans about the best development, we want to show the face of a possible development.

Small community businesses serenely crossing the sea of globalization. Peasant communities that continue to be organized, defying the winds of individualism.

Images of rowdy parties and shared duels. Arrival of interesting visits and bittersweet farewells of friends. Beautiful landscapes from the windswept moors to the sun-kissed sub-tropics.

Faces of children and adults, of beautiful women because of the flower of their age or because of their wrinkles, who tell a thousand stories of dedication, patience and faith.

Projects that are born, projects that culminate in the slow but sure flow of the salt process to get out of poverty in solidarity.

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Father Antonio Polo

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By consuming Salinerito products you contribute to the development and progress of the most vulnerable sectors of Salinas and its communities. With your purchase you guarantee income to more than 3,000 peasant families that produce: milk, cocoa, medicinal plants, handicrafts.

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Work in progress with Communities

The Gruppo Salinas Corporation, through its Foundations, undertakes different projects of social interest in which it works with the communities to provide them with the necessary tools to improve not only their production but also the well-being of their inhabitants.

These projects have a positive impact on the quality of life of children, youth and adults in the communities of Salinas de Guaranda.

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